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 Meet Rose…

My name is Rose Hathaway and I have been organizing since I was a youngster, working in my family’s retail store.  I would sort nuts and bolts in the hardware store, display kitchen items in the home goods area,  display toys in the toy department, and fold, sort and display the men’s and women’s clothing.  I had no way of knowing that one day I would use those valuable skills in my own organizing business!

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I have worked in many professional environments such as medical and law offices, and have been a purchasing agent, an administrative assistant, and a medical records supervisor.  I am proud of my work to develop a medical records department for a teaching clinic at Western Michigan University, and my efforts as an eDiscovery clerk in a corporate law office, organizing legal papers for litigation purposes.  One of my supervisors complimented me with this review:

“Rose has an ability to examine a problem in an insightful way, and uses her creativity to solve the problem.”

Like many people, as my parents aged I found myself helping them live safely in their home and, after their passing, disposing of their belongings and home.  After this life changing event, I wanted to use my skills to help those who may be experiencing the same difficulties.


About NAPO…



I am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). NAPO is a national organization that is a recognized and reliable organizing association.  I adhere to NAPO’s professional standards and code of ethics, and advance my skills through continuing education.  I was trained by The Organizing Specialists in West Michigan and am now a member of this great organizing network, which is a continual resource for problem solving and collaboration.  If a client needs an expertise that is not in my scope of work, I can refer them to someone in the network who has those skills.


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I pledge to exercise judgment, self-restraint, and conscientiousness, to establish and maintain public confidence in the integrity of NAPO members, and to preserve and encourage fair and equitable practices among all who are engaged in the profession of organizing.   Having managed a medical records department, I am trained in HIPPA guidelines.  I am keenly aware of confidentiality issues.  Your secrets are safe with me!
I am looking forward to working with you.  Let’s solve your organization problems today!



 ”A couple years ago we were planning a move from MI to the East Coast.  In the midst of all the chaos, we suffered a devastating loss in the family.  Rose stepped in last minute and finished packing and organizing for me, her help was so appreciated.  After driving 19 hours in a U-haul across country, not one thing that Rose packed was broken or cracked and the stuff I had packed… well let’s just say, I wish she had done it all.  We are now moving again, and I wish she were here to lend her expertise once again.  Thanks for all your help and support Rose!”
“Since I became a small business owner in 2006, I have always fantasized about having a clone.  My client files were always stacked near my computer, waiting to be completed.  The stress related to my never ending to-do list was keeping me awake at night. Even though I felt that my abilities as a practitioner were excellent, the paperwork and organization end of my business was something I felt so overwhelmed with that I began to lack confidence in myself.  I have been working with Rose for about 3 months.   She has completely changed my filing system and intake forms.  She assessed my work space and helped me to set up the most efficient way to carry out my services.  Rose’s 30 years experience in medical offices and records really shows in her work.  She puts an incredible amount of thought into organizing, but at the same time she is efficient.  I would expect her to take three times as long to complete tasks.  She is worth at least double her hourly rate.  Working with Rose has been easy.   Her personality and warm approach to problem-solving helped me relax and feel comfortable immediately.  She has always shown a genuine intrest in my needs, and that is what I find most appealing about her.  At this point, I trust her enough to hand over any problem to her.  She has taken the time to really get to know me, my goals, likes and dislikes.   I am looking forward to working with her in my home soon, as my personal life is just as chaotic as my professional life used to be.  I would recommend Rose to anyone needing to simplify their home or work environment.  She really has made my clutter “fly away”!
“We hired Rose to take a look at our file room, as we were running out of space to store documents, had a lack of organization, and it was difficult to quickly find files. We asked her to look at the type of documents we were generating, help us assess the need to retain, identify a better layout, do an inventory, and suggest additional filing units or add-ons to our existing storage units. She analyzed our needs, interviewed a few vendors and obtained bids, but in the end she was able to utilize our existing system, re-purpose cabinets, minimally change our layout, better organize our existing documents, and create a significant amount of additional storage space for future use. We were pleased that we didn’t need to invest in more office furniture,  and that with some simple changes, were able to make much better use of the space, and allow us to more quickly locate documents.
She has the ability to look at a situation, ask the right questions to assess a customer’s needs, offer recommendations, and execute a plan. Her ability to identify how simple changes can make a big difference saved us money, both in terms of increased efficiency, and by utilizing existing equipment.
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